Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

MNP Lookup keeps your contact database up-to-date with active MSISDN


Important: This MNP is only available for lookup information on Australia MSISDN.

The MNP-API enables a lookup service for Australian MSISDN. Each transaction will incur a cost of $0.02 AUD including GST.

The Basic method enables users to validate whether a particular Australia MSISDN is valid. The Client issues either a HTTP GET or POST request to the SMSGlobal HTTP interface supplying a list of required parameters. SMSGlobal issues back a HTTP Response which indicates the validity of the MSISDN.

The same HTTP GET or POST request is submitted to SMSGlobal, however the more details results are pushed back to you.

Delivery options include email and HTTP Post Back.

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The MNP lookup service is capable of providing the following information for an MSISDN.

  • Validate whether an Australia MSISDN is in active service
  • Advanced lookup option
  • Determine which carrier owns an MSISDN
  • Determine whether the MSISDN has been ported to another carrier
  • 24/7 support via our support system

Basic MSISDN Lookup Scroll to Top ▲

HTTP Request

Find below a list of accepted parameters.

usernameYour SMSGlobal usernameMandatory
passwordYour SMSGlobal passwordMandatory
msisdnMSISDN (mobile no). Must use full country code. E.g. 61432162111Mandatory
HTTP Response

The response from the request will return either the status of OK together with a MNP Lookup ID, or a status of ERR together with an error code and message.

Example Successful Lookup Message
Format: {MSISDN};{Internal ID};{MCC-MNC};{Carrier Name / Porting}

Example: Requesting MNP Lookup

Below is an example request for MSISDN lookup.

Example Error Message:
Format: {error};{error code};{error message}
Error;5;Incorrect username / password;

Find below a list of possible errors.

1Username not supplied
2Password not supplied
3MSISDN not supplied
4Not enough credits
5Incorrect username / Password
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