Started 2007
Staff 33
Offices 4
Countries 213
Operators 803
Customers 967,244


Who We Are

Founded in 2007, SMSGlobal had its first success in providing simple web messaging solutions to small businesses. As the market adapted to the increased use of SMS, so did our business to include more advanced and sophisticated features in our offering.

Today, we provide messaging solutions to some of the world’s best known brands, banks, government, airlines and many more.


SMSGlobal Team



Our Vision

Customer First

We commit to providing the highest quality customer experience at all times. We want every interaction to add value to our customer’s business.

Love Your Work

Our environment nurtures talent and ensures that our people share in our success.

Technological Excellence

We want to be leaders in our methodology, develop with a purpose to innovate and provide un-yielding stability and security.

Getting Things Done

Our results oriented culture encourages accountability and drives excellence across every facet of what we do.

SMSGlobal - Getting things done

Create & Grow

We believe that investment in innovative R&D is the key to our growth, domestically and internationally.



What We’ve Done

“SMSGlobal has been there for us as we have continued to grow and develop, providing not only creative, but business-based solutions to assist in our growth.”

Robert Cole