Updates: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Update #2 - 20/03/2020

As businesses gear up for a time of unease, ongoing communications and consistent information is perhaps more critical than ever. Keep your customers informed.

A simple text can help let your customers know that you are thinking of them and will continue to support them during this time of uncertainty.

When communicating with customers, be transparent and keep them updated where possible, of any changes in the upcoming days and weeks. It’s equally important to let them know if they can expect no changes. Advise customers of changing business operations, product availability, and potential service interruptions as the situation evolves.

Our latest blog post, ‘Communicating during times of crisis’, can assist you with shaping your message.

If you’d like any further advice, assistance, or guidance, our Customer Success Team is happy to discuss the best communication strategy for your business and support you during these times.

Update #1 - 17/03/2020

As we navigate through the uncertainty that has come with coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to assure you that we aim to continue full operations without disruption during this time. We will be updating our blog weekly with helpful information, effective communication strategies, business operations, and industry news during this time.

How to formulate a message during trying times

When faced with a crisis, businesses need to communicate appropriately, transparently, and with empathy. Alerting management, employees, stakeholders, customers, and the public about what is going on is instrumental in navigating through difficult times.

Ensure to communicate three critical pieces of information when formulating your message:

  1. What the crisis is
  2. How the crisis might affect the business
  3. What can be done to prevent and reduce the impact on all involved

And don’t forget:

  • Make it short and sweet; be concise with your message and only include the essentials
  • Only provide accurate information backed by official health organizations
  • Have empathy; it’s important to remember we are all human

Wash your hands, don’t touch your face, and keep safe!