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SMSGlobal is a rapidly growing global technology business. With an awesome South Melbourne HQ and offices around the world, we pride ourselves on being a forward-thinking and successful Australian .com business. Our working spaces are open, promote teamwork and are designed to be conducive to creativity.

Our culture and working style encourages talented people to step up when approaching a problem, and our hiring policies are designed to give the best people the opportunity to imagine, design and build some of the best new technology around. 



With a combination of people more eclectic than a London tube train, our offices are a fun and vibrant place to be. We work on a principal of lucid team structures, meaning staff can be a key contributor in multiple departments or projects.



Our environment reflects the culture of our business. All our office spaces are designed with work/life balance in mind as well as function. No ties. No closed doors and always a coffee machine or two available.


If you hadn’t noticed yet we like to have a bit of fun. We want people to love their work and enjoy what they do. We work meritocratically – recognising the contributions of hard workers and rewarding them.



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HQ Office SMSGlobal


Love your work!


Our HQ is located in Melbourne’s inner city suburb of South Melbourne, a short walk from all things Melbourne. Close to public transport, the CBD and countless restaurants and bars (where SMSGloballers are regularly spotted). Our office itself is open and bright, filled with art and a great place to spend your working hours.

You time

We are intrepid and love adventure, we encourage our people to take time to do as much as they can for themselves. Whether its travel, sport, or just some R & R, your leave is yours and we understand we all need to recharge from time to time. We also do lots of charity, sport and fun events as part of the company – just cause its fun.

Your workspace

Make your work area your own space – everyone gets an ergonomic desk and US president endorsed ‘Aeron’ chair, but feel free to choose your monitor layout, keyboard/mouse and headphone setup – we love to collaborate, but sometimes some peace and quiet (in the form of noise cancelling earphones pumping your favourite tracks) is just what you need to get things done.


Need some coffee or a snack? Or maybe just a lay down on one of the office sofas? We don’t like unnecessary red tape and we found that giving our people a flexible work environment gets them thinking more, and working smarter. Now we have a dedicated breakout lounge, upstairs sun deck, two kitchens, a bar, LAN games and a table tennis table – if you’re beat, there’s plenty of places to take a minute to collect your thoughts.

We’re social

There are definite benefits to having a BBQ and a fully stocked bar in your office. Not to mention being ideally located in inner city Melbourne with some of the best bars and restaurants walking distance away. There is always something brewing on a Friday to make way for a good story on Monday, however nearly every last Friday of the month we break out the celebrations a little early.

Sick days

We don’t want your germs! Stay home, rest up and get better! If you can work remotely you can do so, either way just let your team know so we don’t send out a search party.


Racer, fixie or MTB, we have pumps, tools and racks for you to park your wheels when you roll in to work. On-premise showers and change rooms too for the Lycra wearing ones amongst us.



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