SMSGlobal's latest plugin for WordPress

SMSGlobal's latest plugin for WordPress

Our commitment to providing communication solutions doesn't end with our competitive pricing model. We care about implementing robust infrastructure and reliable service so our clients can communicate effectively.

Fulfill all your business requirements using one system. With integrations, plugins, and extensions, it is easy to compile everything you need on one compatible and scalable platform. When you implement a SaaS platform, integrating direct mobile messaging allows you to develop cohesive workflows and communication processes within a single system.

SMSGlobal's latest update introduces improvements for the SMS Plugin MKII for WordPress. By building a seamless and efficient WordPress extension for users to connect with customers directly, this plugin boasts a range of features. Such as A2P messaging, bulk enterprise SMS, automated trigger responses, scheduling options, contact list management, order status alerts, and sophisticated reporting all in one place.

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Latest Update

The latest version of SMSGlobal's WordPress extension allows site owners to add SMS communication to their WordPress site.

This is especially exciting for online retailers using WooCommerce, and website administrators who utilize Ultimate Member. The SMS Plugin MKII for WordPress is fully compatible with both of these popular WordPress plugins.

A little bit about WordPress

WordPress was founded in 2003 as an open-source CMS, initially created for publishing blogs. Since the launch of WordPress 2.0 in 2005, it has evolved to support other web content, including mailing lists, forums, media galleries, membership sites, and online stores.

Currently, WordPress powers over 35% of the web, with over 54,000 free plugins created and tailored to fulfill user needs. Many businesses create their own WordPress plugins to extend the platform's core functionality by adding extra features to meet user requirements.

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WooCommerce provides its users with a sophisticated yet straightforward plugin, perfect for WordPress. Within minutes, users can set up a new eCommerce site with features such as:

  • Product, Cart, and Checkout pages
  • Secure payment options
  • Configurable shipping selections
  • Automated calculations for finance and tax
  • Digital marketing applications
  • Central store dashboard with reporting metrics

This eCommerce platform presents online retailers with an opportunity to build and run their own online store while using our customizable WordPress extension to connect with customers.

Over 30% of all WordPress online stores run on WooCommerce—that's over 1.5 million active online stores. With the robust infrastructure of SMS Plugin MKII for WordPress, it's easy to support a high influx of inbound and outbound messages, sent to representatives and customers alike.

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Ultimate Member

Ultimate Member prides itself on being one of the best user profile and membership plugins for WordPress. This extension offers a range of features including:

  • Aesthetic user profiles
  • Member directories
  • User registration and login
  • User role editing
  • Content limits and restrictions (for non-members)

Users can sign up and become members of your site instantly with Ultimate Member. Power your online community and membership sites by utilizing member registration, contact management, and mailing lists.

Upon registration, members can provide their contact details and opt-in for SMS communication. Depending on the audience, these could comprise of marketing messages, subscription updates, or even recommendations. Mobile messaging is a perfect touchpoint for membership sites and online communities.

Completely cohesive with SMS Plugin MKII for WordPress, Ultimate Member can help you connect with your community.

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SMS Plugin MKII for WordPress

By facilitating the delivery of text message notifications through the WordPress interface, SMSGlobal's latest WordPress plugin provides secure, business SMS integration. SMS Plugin MKII for WordPress ensures that users can send individual and bulk SMS whenever they need to with automated and custom messages.

Fully compatible with WordPress plugins, WooCommerce, and Ultimate Member, this feature streamlines communication. Users can set up triggers to forward order status updates directly to all authorized administrators, site members, and shoppers. Empower your business with reliable enterprise text messaging for eCommerce and membership management with our latest WordPress extension.


  • Custom message templates - send individual and bulk SMS with custom message templates, including Merge Send for personalizing texts and sending relevant content.
  • Accessible configuration - easily install our reliable service directly into your WordPress site, allowing you to engage and connect with your community.
  • Automate and schedule SMS - keep your customers up-to-date with prompt SMS alerts automated to send order status updates as they occur.

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SMS for eCommerce

Manage your customer lifecycle journey from beginning to end by implementing SMS Plugin MKII for WordPress on your site. Send custom messages and automated texts straight to your contacts, individually or in bulk. Our updated SMS plugin allows you to interact with your followers, reliably and securely.

Keep your shoppers updated on their order status, including payments and delivery information. Online retailers look for a wide variety of communication, security, customer conversion, and sales solutions. With plugins and extensions, all these tools are at their fingertips. Users benefit significantly from options like automated SMS, and subsequently, so do their customers.

Order Status Updates

Online retailers benefit when they integrate SMS into their communication strategy.

  • Order confirmations, updates, and changes
  • Contact and account verification
  • Delivery tracking
  • Cancellations and refunds

SMS Triggers

By setting up automated triggers to send SMS at each stage of the order process, customers and administrators alike are kept in the loop.

For example, a friendly welcome message to a new customer when they sign up as a member or confirm their first purchase. Or keyword triggered responses for a highly engaging customer experience.

Contact Management and Personalization

Personalizing SMS communications is efficient and straightforward with the Merge Send feature. Your text messages will always be sent to the correct person at the proper time with optimized contact management, SMS scheduling, and automatic opt-in/opt-out functionality.

SMS Reporting

The integrated SMS Log allows users to oversee their message history in one place. With access to date and time, contact name, and message content, tracking SMS communication with your subscribers is a breeze.

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How does our WordPress plugin work?

Businesses and consumers can utilize mobile messaging and send bulk SMS within their established WordPress platform by installing our latest plugin.

We have a full Installation Guide for our SMS Plugin MKII for WordPress available here, among other messaging solutions such as Email to text and SMS provider APIs.

What are the benefits?

Accessibility: all you need to do is install the plugin on WordPress, create a free SMSGlobal account, and connect your account to begin sending.

No financial commitment: with the free plugin, MXT signup, and use of the SMSGlobal platform, you only pay for the SMS you send.

Flexibility: we provide a variety of communication solutions included in our WordPress plugin.

Automation: trigger messages can easily be set up to optimize workflow and order tracking.

Why do I need it?

Our plugin is an easy-to-use building block that allows WordPress users to scale up their site with specific SMS features. So, why not leverage WordPress extensions to elevate your existing platform?

Integrating a bulk SMS API directly into your system is the most accessible, fast, and reliable way to connect with your subscribers. These days, consumers expect immediate communication across the board, especially concerning online retail. Adding SMS to your communication toolbelt can only enhance your communication strategy.

Sending SMS notifications with content such as welcome messages, verification codes, order information, payments, and delivery updates ensures your shoppers are informed. Maintain touchpoints and transparency to strengthen trust with your customer.

SMSGlobal Support is available 24/7. Feel free to reach out at any time, and our Customer Success Team will assist you.

For more information on implementing direct messaging in your communication strategy, head to SMSGlobal's Information Centre for free downloadable content.