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Text messaging template samples for your industry

Industry SMS Template Samples for Your Business

Power up your communication with SMS samples by industry

Sick of the same old marketing message? Need some inspiration for communications? We have the answer! Our industry SMS inventory includes examples from a variety of business use cases that are ready to implement today.

SMSGlobal - Industry Templates

Text message template examples by industry

Banking and Finance Finance SMS Templates

SMS in finance improves cash flow and efficiency while reducing late payments. Discover finance SMS templates and how to best implement SMS effectively in your finance processes.

Education Education & School SMS Templates

Improve communication with students and staff with SMS for schools, universities and colleges. Use our education text message templates for truancy, term reminders and exam grades.

eCommerce SMS Templates

Use our high-impact eCommerce SMS templates to text your customers directly. Enhance your eCommerce experience with text messages for Shopify, Klaviyo and other SMS platforms now.

Marketing Marketing SMS Templates

Our SMS marketing templates and examples are ready-to-use for your text message marketing campaign. Integrate text message marketing into your business platform with SMSGlobal.

Bank SMS Templates

Bank SMS templates ready now for you to implement. Send banking SMS with examples like bank statement alerts, SMS questionnaires, card alert text messages and transaction SMS.

Real Estate Real Estate SMS Text Templates

Real estate SMS messaging templates allow agents to automate reminder text messages for private inspections, schedule SMS for open days and alert tenants of maintenance times.

Retail Retail SMS Templates

Send ready-to-use retail text message templates on our business SMS platform. A wide array of retail SMS examples for you to boost your customer communications and marketing strategy.

Hospitality Bar & Restaurant SMS Templates

Send powerful SMS messages for restaurants, cafes and bars, including booking reminders, reservations and invoices. Simple, secure text messaging examples for restaurants, bars and cafes.

Emergency Text Alert Templates

SMSGlobal provides Emergency Services SMS systems with reliability and speed. Access Emergency SMS templates and examples for weather alert SMS, warning text messages and fire text alerts.

Religious Groups & Church SMS Templates

Religious groups and Churches send text messages to keep their followers informed. Send church text message templates for fundraising, volunteering, donations and spiritual guidance.