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WhatsApp Business API

SMSGlobal is an industry leader in online enterprise messaging, and the provider at the forefront of premium OTT via WhatsApp. There are over 2 billion people who regularly use WhatsApp worldwide, and now SMSGlobal is one of the first to provide businesses with the opportunity to personally connect with users directly through WhatsApp.

Create a unique customer experience with WhatsApp for Business. Not to be confused with the WhatsApp Business app, this solution is operational within the WhatsApp platform and allows businesses to build personal customer relationships through a verified business account.

WhatsApp API

WhatsApp for Business Features

Registered Number

Verified business profile with registered number

WhatsApp ID

Business name as the WhatsApp ID

WhatsApp Automated Journey

Automated messages guide the customer journey

WhatsApp messages rich media

Messages support rich media including photos, hyperlinks and PDFs

WhatsApp delivered receipts

Delivered and Read message receipts

WhatsApp cost

Competitive WhatsApp pricing for OTT messaging with no cost to the recipient

WhatsApp encryption security

High level of security with a powerfully built encryption protocol

WhatsApp international communication

International communication channel for enterprise messaging

Boosting efficient and secure messaging

Develop trust and transparency using a verified business account and sending with a WhatsApp sender ID. Message Templates and multimedia messages are supported in WhatsApp for Business, including PDF files, photos, GIFs, videos and hyperlinks.

Determine the success of business campaigns with Delivery and Read receipts to track and report WhatsApp messaging. With no cost to the customer and 24-hour windows of unlimited messages for businesses, SMSGlobal provides a cost-effective communication solution for companies across the globe.

Message templates time

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WhatsApp Business API

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API connectivity

API integrations allow businesses to guide recipients through a customer journey with automated messages tailored to their needs.

State of the art security and high-value encryption methods protects all messaging when sending with WhatsApp for Business.

WhatsApp api connectivity

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