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Religious Groups & Church Text Messaging Templates

Send SMS to Church Followers and Volunteers

Strengthen connections within your congregation using SMS

Build relationships with church followers with the power of text messaging. Keep parishioners informed, update volunteers, send inspirational messages and encourage donations by utilising an enterprise SMS gateway.

Your Church Text Messaging Service

Reach your audience directly with SMS communications

Share a message of hope and update the congregation with a reliable text messaging platform. Automate daily SMS verses and send text message reminders for upcoming events. Engage with followers and keep them up-to-date with recurring messages.

Engaging SMS for Churches and Religious Groups

Capture your audience’s attention with direct SMS messaging

Supercharge your communications with the power of text messaging. Connect directly with your congregation via a trusted SMS gateway.

SMS Reminders and Notifications for Religious Events

SMS notifications inform the parish of important events and sacred days

Keep followers up-to-date with timely SMS reminders, notifications and alerts for upcoming special events.

  • Check Schedule bulk text message campaigns
  • Check Personalise content with Merge Send
  • Check Automate text message alerts when an action occurs
  • Check Trigger SMS keywords for instant replies
SMS Reminders for Religious Events
Inspirational and Spiritual Guidance Text Messages

Daily SMS verses and recurring text messages for inspiration

Send regular SMS notifications daily, weekly, monthly and yearly with recurring messages. Efficiently automate text communications to streamline operations and send out meaningful content.

  • Check Set up recurring messages for regular SMS
  • Check Add an approved Sender ID for recognition
  • Check Opt-in/opt-out subscription manager
  • Check Upload and segment SMS contact lists
Inspirational & Spiritual Guidance Text Messages
Text Messages Encourage Engagement and Donations

Build volunteer recruitment and encourage donations with SMS

Get behind your congregation and invite them to volunteer and donate. Utilise text messaging to reach out and communicate directly with followers.

Text Messages for Church Donations
Church SMS Examples and Text Templates

Ready-to-use Religious Groups & Church text message templates

Support your teams and volunteers with easy text message solutions and prepackaged SMS templates.

SMS schedule change alert

Hi all, we had to reschedule the {*Event*} on {*Date*}. Instead of starting at {*Time*}, it will now be starting at {*Time*}. Call us at {*Number*} if you have any questions.
Thanks, {*Group*}

Community SMS for volunteer recruitment

Hi {*Name*}, thanks so much for your help with {*Event*}. We raised ${*Amount*} for {*Fundraiser*}. I hope you had a good time!
- {*Name*} at {*Group*}

SMS for inspirational quotes and verse

Your weekly devotional: {*Short quote*}

Visit {*Link*} for an in depth discussion on this week’s devotional with {*Name*}.
Reply STOP to opt-out.

Text to donate

Thanks for your pledge to {*Event*}!

Complete your donation here: {*Link*}
T&Cs apply. Reply STOP to opt-out.

SMS reminder for church event

Hi {*Name*}, this is a friendly reminder that {*Group*} {*Event*} will be held on {*Date*} at {*Time*}. Arrive at {*Address*} 15mins before for fellowship.
- {*Group*}

Ministry newsletter SMS

Newsletter: our weekly update is available. Visit {*Link*} to catch up on {*Group*} events and important news.

Recruit volunteers with SMS

Hi! The {*Event*} is coming up and we need a dedicated group of volunteers to join us. Reply YES if you’d be interested in helping out.
Thanks, {*Group*}

Fundraising text

Thanks for helping us with the {*Event*} fundraiser! With your help, we were able to raise ${*Amount*} for {*Charity*}.

Mobile SMS fundraising

Hi {*Name*}, you attended the {*Event*} fundraiser. Become a donor today at {*Link*} Reply STOP to opt-out.

Volunteer texting

Hi {*Name*}, there is an event coming up this {*Date*} at {*Time*}. We could use an extra helping hand, can we count on you?
- {*Group*}

Good morning bible SMS

Ecclesiastes 1:1-2 Who is like the wise? Who knows the explanation of things? A person’s wisdom brightens their face and changes its hard appearance.

Donate by text message

Hi! Thanks for coming to our service today. To donate, head to {*Link*} and follow the prompt. Cheers!
Reply STOP to opt-out.

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