User Guidelines: The Ultimate Guide to SMS APIs and Integrations

APIs have become a staple for modern businesses, allowing them to scale operations and tailor system capabilities. The interaction between two applications, software, or systems allows integrations to optimize and automate processes. Plugin robust solutions such as digital communication and analytics directly into existing platforms.

Enterprises can seamlessly build out a customized tech-stack, unique to their needs with APIs, plugins, and integrations. By implementing multiple integrations, businesses enhance legacy software with features and functionality specific to their operations.

This guide provides the following information:

  • - Integrate SMS functionality
    • - SMS API protocols
  • - The Basics: How to integrate an API Plugin
    • - Start sending SMS
    • - Generate unique API Keys with MXT
  • - Configuration of API protocols
    • - HTTP API
    • - SMPP API
    • - REST API
    • - SOAP API
    • - MMS API
    • - Email-to-SMS API for Outlook
  • - Hosting APIs and Integrations