Supercharged Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas: 10 Valentine's Day SMS Marketing Templates

With Valentine’s Day almost upon us, we’ve well and truly settled into the new year. While the holiday season is over, there’s no winding down for businesses just yet. Don’t be tempted to take it easy and wing your Valentine’s Day marketing; it’s time to gear up!

Empower your business this Valentine’s Day with the most engaging and attention-grabbing marketing channel at your customers’ fingertips. Implement SMS with these Valentine’s Day marketing ideas:

  • sending targeted promotions
  • facilitating personalised loyalty programs
  • scheduling marketing messages en masse
  • and so much more!

Crafting epic Valentine’s Day marketing ideas doesn’t always come easily. But the dynamic capabilities of SMS will enable you to level up your communication and Valentine’s Day marketing strategy effortlessly.

Valentine’s Day; an unmissable business opportunity

Preparing for Valentine’s Day requires organisation, planning, and robust communication; especially for the retail and hospitality sector. With COVID-19 still casting a shadow over celebrations and holidays, you might ask yourself, is it even worth it this year?

The answer is yes, it definitely is.

February can be an incredibly lucrative month for retail, eCommerce, and hospitality businesses. The romantic holiday has evolved to celebrate all kinds of love, including romantic relationships and family. Galentine’s Day is also a popular alternative to Valentine’s Day, celebrated by single people and friendship groups. Valentine’s Day has transformed, which means there are a variety of audiences you can market to. The possibilities are endless, with vast potential to encourage more sales and customer interactions.

Reach your customers directly in the palm of their hands. Start planning Valentine’s Day marketing ideas with SMS, and cut-through to capture your recipients’ attention with a punchy message.

How consumers will spend money this Valentine’s Day

Even as the COVID-19 pandemic lingers, there are some optimistic predictions set for Valentine’s Day spending this year. Despite the pandemic’s devastating economic effects businesses can rest assured customers are ready to spend. A survey by the National Retail Federation revealed that 73% of consumers believe that celebrations are more important than ever in the current climate.

Over half of survey respondents in the US said they planned to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2021. The NRF predicts that spending in the US this Valentine’s Day will total around $21.8 billion; an average of $164.76 per person.

As is fast becoming the norm, online shopping is the preferred shopping medium, taking up 39% of shopping visits. Shopping in-store at department stores follows at 29%, then discount stores at 28%.

2021 is the first year that consumers listed small businesses as a top-five shopping destination since 2015, when the question was first included in the NRF survey. This should give SMBs some confidence going into Valentine’s Day with customers diversifying their shopping habits from major retailers.

Taking these predictions into account, you can see why it’s vital to get your SMS marketing strategy going early. In the face of uncertainty, your customers are eager to celebrate and spoil their loved ones. To ensure your business makes the most of this holiday, you need a direct line of communication to your audience now.

Use the power of SMS to remind your customers why they should celebrate Valentine’s Day. And, most importantly, tell them why your business’ offerings will make the perfect gift or surprise for the special day.

Valentine’s Day SMS ideas for hospitality businesses

Reservation reminders

Send SMS reservation reminders to reduce costly no-shows. SMS reminders allow customers to cancel their booking before the reservation date to ensure you can fill their seat in plenty of time.

SMSGlobal tip: include a call to action telling customers to get in contact for booking changes; this enables them to easily re-book and prevent cancellations and no-shows.

Confirmations and check-in information

Deliver an optimal customer experience from the get-go with instant SMS booking confirmations and check-in details. Sending SMS confirmations and additional information streamlines the check-in and reservation process from beginning to end. Tell customers everything they need to know before arriving, including COVID-safe precautions and more.

Delivery and takeaway updates

If you’re based in an area with lockdowns or COVID-19 restrictions, food delivery is a perfect option this Valentine’s Day. To organise their own romantic at-home feasts, ensure your customers know exactly when their food will arrive and send updates along the way. For takeaway options, send customers timely notifications, letting them know when their food will be ready for pickup.

Sending has never been more simple.

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Valentine’s Day promotion ideas for Retail & eCommerce

Personalised Promotions

Personalised marketing messages have been shown to influence impulse purchases and improve customer loyalty. Target customers effectively this Valentine’s Day with bulk SMS campaigns tailored to individual recipients. Customise message content using the Merge field on your online SMS gateway with a recipient’s name, store location, and more!

Loyalty program discounts and early access

Commercial holidays like Valentine’s Day are the perfect opportunity to make your customers feel valued. Offer your SMS database exclusive discounts or early access to Valentine’s sales via SMS as a thank you for supporting your business.

Click-and-collect alerts

Want to streamline the click-and-collect process? Look no further than real-time SMS notifications sent directly to your customers’ handset. Use SMS to notify your customers of your click-and-collect service to increase online sales. Plus, send SMS alerts to update customers as soon as their order is ready in-store.

Reduce abandoned carts on Shopify this Valentine’s Day with SMS automation

The state of abandoned carts is, undoubtedly, bleak. An average of 69.80% of online shopping carts are left without customers following through with their purchase. It’s critical for businesses to tackle this problem and to take advantage of the Valentine’s Day spending surge.

Through the power of integration, you can trigger automated messages to alert customers that they left something behind in a timely manner. If you operate an eCommerce store through a platform like Shopify, it’s easy to integrate automatic SMS functionality through Zapier.

Zapier detects as soon as a customer has abandoned their cart on Shopify. The newly abandoned cart then triggers an SMS reminder via the SMSGlobal gateway, sent directly to the customer’s mobile.

Start using the SMSGlobal Shopify Zap template now to set up automatic reminders and give your customers a nudge to complete their purchase:

Send SMSGlobal SMS messages for newly-abandoned carts in Shopify

Start engaging Shopify customers while you save time with Zapier

10 SMS templates to steal for your Valentine’s SMS campaign

As our Valentine’s Day gift to you, we’ve crafted a selection of SMS templates, just in time for your Valentine’s campaign. All you have to do is copy and paste these SMS templates into the MXT SMS platform and you’re good to go! Don’t forget to add in a heart emoji or two if the mood is right ...

1. Check your Valentine's Day email

“Hi [Customer Name] <3 At [Company Name], we’re feeling extra warm and cuddly this month. Check your email to find a special Valentine’s treat from us. PS will you be our Valentine? Reply ‘STOP’ to opt-out.”

2. Valentine’s Day reminders

“Valentine’s Day is coming: This is not a drill! Do you have all your gifts and surprises ready for your special someone? Get your Valentine’s gifts sorted at [Company Name] before it’s too late. Reply STOP to opt-out.”

3. Don’t forget to book!

“Everyone knows Valentine’s Day is all about the food. Book your reservation at [Company Name] today, so you don’t disappoint your Valentine. Book here: [LINK]. To opt-out, reply STOP.”

4. Friend referral

“Psst, got a friend you can hook us up with for V-Day? Share this referral link [LINK] with one of your friends to receive a special [Company Name] discount code. Hurry! We’re only doing this for the first 30 customers. Reply STOP to opt-out.”

5. Text-in to win

“Hey [Customer Name], we want to share the love this Valentine’s Day at [Company Name]. Reply with your best Valentine’s Day gift idea to be in the running to receive an epic [product/gift pack/discount]. Reply STOP to opt-out.”

6. Valentine’s Day flash sale

“Fall in love with [Company Name] ’s Valentine’s Day flash sale! Head in-store before [DATE] to grab the perfect V-Day gift at 30% off. We know they’ll appreciate it. To opt-out, reply STOP.”

7. Avoid last-minute gifts

“Don’t show up at their door with just a gift card! Check out our range of [product] on the [Company Name] online shop and get them what they really want. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. To opt-out, reply STOP.”

8. Gift Guide

“Stuck on Valentine’s Day ideas? [Company Name] has got you covered. Browse our jam-packed V-Day gift-guide here [LINK] to find your loved one the perfect gift. Reply STOP to opt-out.”

9. Galentine’s Day

“Who said Valentine’s Day is just for couples? Round up your nearest and dearest friends for an epic V-Day feast. Book now to secure your spot at [Company Name]: [LINK]. Reply STOP to opt-out.”

10. Limited-time Free Delivery

“Valentine’s Day is nearly here! Order from [Company Name] within the next 12 hours to get free delivery on your V-Day gift. Don’t miss out! Reply STOP to opt-out.”