SMSGlobal will be updating its legacy API end-points. For the continuous delivery of mission-critical messages, ensure your service is up-to-date by migrating to the new end-points.

Please review the below information carefully as it is vital that you know how this will affect you.

What you need to know

All API users that currently use will need to migrate to

To avoid disruption, update your service by the 28th of February, 2021. →

Who will be affected?

All SMSGlobal customers who are using the legacy API end-points will be affected by this update. If you are already using, then you won’t need to migrate across.

Customers who solely operate from MXT will not be affected by this update. If you use SMSGlobal’s MXT platform without utilising our integrations or APIs, you do not need to make any changes regarding the API end-points.

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