Retail SMS

Streamline communications with automated SMS examples for business

Text Messaging Platform for Retail

Supercharge your retail strategy with SMS marketing

Harness our business text messaging platform for retail marketing SMS solutions. Integrate SMS directly into existing systems for efficient communication and streamlined operations for your retail business.

Reach your Retail Customers in the Palm of their Hands

Optimise customer communication with enterprise SMS for retail

Automate SMS workflows and directly communicate with customers using a business text messaging platform. Our SMS specialists have all the answers you need to get started!

Retail Marketing with Bulk SMS Campaigns

Enhance your retail marketing strategy with the power of SMS

Complement your marketing efforts with a simple yet powerful solution—bulk SMS. Personalise content to your target audience and ensure they receive the information they need. Promote sales, discounts, loyalty programs and more with segmented text message campaigns.

  • Check Schedule and stagger retail text marketing campaigns
  • Check Use Merge Send to send bulk personalised content
  • Check Upload and manage contact lists with unlimited storage
  • Check High SMS throughput (up to 200 messages per second)
Bulk SMS Marketing for Retail
Boost Retail Processes with Transactional SMS

Streamline communication with advanced SMS automation for retail

Text message automation simplifies regular processes for effective business operations. Take advantage of robust SMS capabilities to optimise efficiency, so your team can focus on what’s most important.

  • Check SMS keyword triggers for auto-responses
  • Check CRM integrations and workflow automation
  • Check Online data privacy and cybersecurity alerts
  • Check Order confirmations and SMS delivery updates
Transactional SMS for Retail
Two-Way SMS for Customer Service and Text Support

Efficient SMS customer support with Two-Way Texting

Keep customers up to date and attend to support tickets all in one place with SMS. Reply to text messages in real-time and send retail support ticket updates.

Two Way SMS for Retail Customer Service & Support
SMS Templates for Retail

Retail SMS examples and templates for business

Send now with the premade retail text message examples for your communications and marketing. Keep stakeholders in the loop with SMS notifications and connect with customers directly.

Survey text messages for support

Hi {*Name*}, thanks for creating a support ticket. We hope you had a good experience. To ensure we keep improving our service, pls complete this survey - {*Link*}
- {*Company*}

Opportunities for jobs SMS

Hi {*Company*} staff, we have a role going for {*Position*} in your department. If you’d like to apply, please visit {*Link*}
Reply STOP to opt-out.

SMS campaign for retail marketing

{*Name*}, our hottest summer deal is back! Get 50% all kitchen appliances, fridges and washing machines before {*Date*}. T&Cs apply. Reply STOP to opt-out.

Feedback SMS review

We want your feedback! {*Name*}, have your say and complete a review to help us improve: {*Link*}
Thank you, {*Company*}
Reply STOP to opt-out.

Loyalty text message

YOU’RE IN! That’s right, we added you to our exclusive {*Company*} rewards program. We even added a gift with your first purchase—you’re welcome! T&Cs apply. Reply STOP to opt-out.

SMS job opportunities

Looking for a job opportunity with {*Company*}? We have new roles available. Click the link to see if you’d like to join our team: {*Link*}
Reply STOP to opt-out.

Text marketing example

{*Name*}, it’s our 10th birthday! And we’ve got the deal you’ve been waiting for: 30% off the entire store! Don’t miss out, T&Cs apply. Reply STOP to opt-out.

SMS loyalty program

Thanks {*Name*} for joining the {*Company*} rewards program! Enjoy 10% off your first in-store purchase with your loyalty card. T&Cs apply. Reply STOP to opt-out.

Customer survey SMS

Hello {*Name*}, we appreciate your feedback. Please fill out this survey to help us improve our service. Thanks, {*Company*}

Staff SMS roster

Hi {*Name*}, your monthly roster is available now: {*Link*}. Call {*Number*} if you have any questions. - {*Name*}, {*Company*}

Marketing SMS for retail

EOFY SALE! Don’t miss up to 70% off everything in store. Yes, you read that right! Sale ends {*Date*}. T&Cs apply. Reply STOP to opt-out.

SMS text coupon

{*Name*}! You’ve earned {*Sum*} points with our loyalty program. Present this SMS in-store for a 25% discount. T&Cs apply. Thanks, {*Company*}
Reply STOP to opt-out.

Integrate Text Messaging and Streamline Communication

Add SMS functionality to your online retail software

Implement text messaging features within your existing platform with SMS integrations. Utilise the power of SMS in your existing retail software, CRM or eCommerce gateway.

SMSGlobal for Salesforce
SMS Zapier integration
Shopify SMS alerts
HubSpot SMS integration HubSpot SMS integration
Marketo SMS integration Marketo SMS solutions
Bigcommerce SMS for BigCommerce
ZOHO SMS integration Add SMS to Zoho CRM

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Affordable SMS with enterprise capabilities. Enjoy high throughput messaging at low costs for bulk SMS campaigns.