User Guidelines: Zapier

Power up business communication by integrating SMS within your favourite applications. SMSGlobal’s Zapier integration enables you to trigger SMS, automate workflows, and send SMS notifications from more than 2000 popular platforms.

Seamlessly integrate SMS functionality without any coding; just create a free SMSGlobal account, connect with Zapier, and you’ll be ready to send and trigger SMS messages within minutes!

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This User Guideline provides the following information:

  • - Introduction to SMSGlobal's Zapier integration
    • - Benefits of sending with SMSGlobal
    • - Set up SMS workflows to enhance business communication
  • - Connecting SMSGlobal with Zapier
    • - Connect with your unique MXT API Key and Secret
  • - Configuring SMSGlobal with other applications
    • - Creating your own Zaps with SMSGlobal
      • - Set up triggers
      • - Set up actions
    • - Using SMSGlobal’s pre-made Templates