Real Estate Text Messaging

SMS for Rental Property Management, Buying Houses and Open Inspections

SMS for Real Estate and Property Management

Communicate directly with clients using an SMS gateway for Real Estate

Supercharge your business communications with the power of SMS. Set up automated text message workflows and trigger SMS reminders and appointment confirmations in real-time.

Manage Property and Real Estate with SMS

SMS solutions for real estate management is at your fingertips

Streamline appointment communications with automation and SMS triggers. Provide timely application responses and confirm inspections with two-way texting. Optimise your real estate marketing strategy with SMS campaigns and bulk messaging. Manage your contact database to ensure the right person receives the right message when they need it most.

Real Estate Inspection Text Message Template

Our SMS Specialists Enhance your PMS

Speak to our experts for a tailored SMS solution

Implement robust texting capabilities with our turnkey plugins and integrations. We offer scalable SMS solutions built for your CRM and Property Management Software. Talk to our specialists to find the right solution for you.

Bulk SMS and Text Marketing Campaigns

Send SMS campaigns for your real estate property marketing efforts

Increase brand awareness with a dedicated number and Sender ID with your business name. Easily schedule property campaigns to be sent at the perfect time, with personalised content crafted for your audience. Reporting and data analytics is available to track and monitor the success of bulk SMS sent to segmented contact lists.

  • Check Schedule and stagger text marketing campaigns
  • Check Dedicated virtual numbers and approved Sender ID
  • Check Personalise bulk messages with Merge Send
  • Check Track message status and campaign success with MXT reporting
  • Check Contact management and list segmentation
MXT SMS Platform Dashboard
Automated Text Message Workflows and SMS Triggers

Automatically push text messages to send when an action occurs

Streamline your communications processes with automated messaging. Push text messages to send whenever a client inquires about a property or requests an inspection. Ensure tenants and landlords receive timely reminders for upcoming checks and maintenance appointments. Confirm bookings with personalised two-way SMS functionality.

  • Check Set up SMS keyword triggers and responses
  • Check Automate text message workflows
  • Check Curate unique templates with contact tokens
  • Check Facilitate replies with two-way SMS
Inspection Times SMS Example
SMS Integrations for CRM and PMS

Manage property and customer communications with SMS, all in one place

Easily implement SMS directly into your legacy systems and existing operations with our off-the-shelf integrations. Utilise our SMS APIs and SDKs to develop the perfect solution to meet your requirements.

Real Estate Text Message Integrations
Real Estate SMS Templates Ready-to-Use

Informative and engaging SMS templates to optimise communications

Keep tenants, landlords, sellers and buyers up to date with poised and concise text messages. Use the SMS examples below to captivate your audience and provide them with the information they need when they need it.

Real estate 'Just Listed' SMS alert

Hi {*Name*}, view all of the Just Listed properties on the market this week at {*Link*}
- {*Company*}

Reply STOP to opt-out.

Rent reminder SMS

Your rent is due in five days on {*Date*}. Please inform your property manager of any delays or issues with payment. Thank you

eSign text message

{*Name*}, your rental application has been accepted! Please visit {*Link*} to read the rental agreement and eSign the contract. Thanks, {*Company*}

Inspection attendance SMS

Thanks for inspecting {*Address*} on {*Date*}. To apply, visit {*Link*}
- {*Company*}

Reply STOP to opt-out.

Early rental inspection SMS

Hi {*Name*}, our agent is early and can show you {*Address*} now, if you prefer. Thanks, {*Company*} To cancel, click {*Link*}

Tenancy renewal text reminder

Hi {*Name*}, your rental agreement for {*Address*} concludes in 90 days. Contact your property manager to discuss tenancy renewal. Thanks, {*Company*}

Submission SMS confirmation

Hi {*Name*}, thank you for submitting a rental application for {*Address*}. We will inform you of the outcome as soon as possible.
- {*Company*}

Text confirmation for inspection

Hi {*Name*}, you are registered to inspect {*Address*} at {*Time*} on {*Date*}. Cancel/Reply STOP to opt-out.
- {*Company*}

Open for inspection text reminder

Reminder for inspection of {*Address*} at {*Time*} on {*Date*}. To cancel, click {*Link*}
- {*Company*}

SMS reminder for property maintenance

Hi {*Name*}, your property {*Address*} has maintenance scheduled on {*Date*} at {*Time*}. Thanks, {*Company*}

Application SMS alert

{*Name*}, thanks for attending {*Address*} for an inspection on {*Date*}. Apply at {*Link*}
- {*Company*}

Reply STOP to opt-out.

Inspection inquiry SMS

Thanks for inspecting {*Address*} on {*Date*}.
To apply, visit {*Link*}
- {*Company*}

Reply STOP to opt-out.

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CRM SMS integration Text solutions for CRM and PMS

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