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Text message solutions that build trust and enhance financial operations

SMS in the finance sector

Elevate your financial processes and supercharge cashflow with SMS

Create a direct and open line of communication with your clients by using dynamic text messaging solutions. SMS enable your business to transform tasks and simplify complex processes. Sending timely payment reminders, appointment confirmations, and fraudulent activity alerts ensure there are no surprises for you or your customers.

Enable seamless customer experiences with SMS

Modern finance requires modern communication

Customers prefer businesses to contact them via SMS. It’s instant, direct, and provides vital information in bite-sized text. Equip your business with appointment reminder texts, SMS 2FA, SMS invoice alerts, and overdue payment reminder SMS delivered in real-time.

Financial Loan Application SMS Template

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Versatile text messaging for scalable communication

Communication your way, on your business software

SMSGlobal creates SMS solutions custom-built for your needs. Easily access SMS functionality on the software your business uses every day. Streamline payment processes, increase efficiency, and simplify communication with SMS integration.

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Bulletproof connectivity and security you can count on

High throughput messaging your customers trust

You don’t take chances with sensitive client communication, and we don’t either. SMSGlobal’s premium messaging routes ensure your text messages are sent without a hitch. Receive and send SMS via SMSGlobal’s powerful gateway, so your day-to-day processes run seamlessly.

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Open communication channels, greater transparency

Real-time SMS notifications for complete oversight

Update your customers on upcoming payments, overdue invoices, and more before they even have to ask. Empower customers to feel in control of their finances with instant and concise SMS updates every step of the way.

Payment Reminder SMS Template
SMS templates to copy and paste into your finance workflows

Text message templates for financial services

Fed up with chasing payments? Tired of wasting time doing necessary manual tasks? Get ahead and update clients with timely reminders and notifications using these ready-to-go text message templates.

2FA Fraud Prevention

The security code to complete your online payment is {*verification code*}. Please enter this into the space provided on our website. Thanks, {*Company name*}

Reminder Text

This is a reminder of your upcoming appointment with {*Staff name*} on {*Date*}. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us on {*Number*} or online {*Link*}

Payment Due Reminder SMS

Direct debit to your account {*Account number*} has failed. Please ensure sufficient funds are available or login at {*Link*} to complete payment.

Security Alert SMS

Security alert: Hi {*First name*}, some details were updated on your {*Company name*} account. If this was not you, please contact us on {*Number*}.

SMS Invoice Notification

This is {*Company name*}. A copy of your invoice in regards to {*Matter*} has been sent to {*Email address*}. Thanks.

Appointment Reminder SMS

Thanks for booking a call with our customer success team, {*First name*}. We look forward to speaking with you on {*Date*}.

Outstanding Payment Request SMS

Hi {*First name*}, this is a friendly reminder of your overdue invoice for the amount of {*amount*}. Pay here {*Link*} or call {*Number*}.

SMS Payment Reminder

Hi {*First name*}, we have sent you an email showing your current balance and how many payments you have left on your loan. Thanks, {*Company name*}

Fraud Detection Text Message

The {*Company name*} support team has locked your account as a precaution due to suspicious activity. Please call us on {*Number*} to resolve.

Appointment Confirmation Text

Hi {*First name*}, this is confirmation of your appointment at {*Company name*} on {*Date*}. Please reply Yes or No if you are able to attend the appointment.

Overdue Payment Reminder SMS

Hi {*First name*}, an invoice of {*amount*} was due on {*Date*}, and we have not received payment. Please pay ASAP or call on {*Number*}.

Invoice Reminder

Hi {*First name*}, this is a gentle reminder that remittance for invoice {*Invoice number*} is due in two days. Please ensure timely payment - {*Company name*}.

SMS—direct, reliable communication for complex customer needs

Why use a text reminder service for financial communication?

SMS functionality in your financial software

Upgrade legacy software with modern communication capabilities. Integrate SMS with your existing systems and scale its core functionality securely and effortlessly.

SMS alerts to keep customers in the loop

Be there for your customers when they need you most. Flexible and direct, you can reach clients for various touchpoints including SMS invoices, outstanding payment request SMS, text reminders, and more.

24/7 Support and Dependability

Our SMS experts are on-hand 24/7 to assist your financial institution, wherever you are. Whether you want to talk strategy, troubleshoot technical issues, or request bespoke solutions for your business, you can rely on us.