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Bank Transaction SMS Notifications

Make communicating easy with secure SMS for banking

Banking SMS templates you can implement right away, including bank statement alerts, card transaction SMS, customer support text messaging, loan application updates and SMS questionnaires.

Traditional and Online Banking with SMS

Secure banking processes with affordable SMS solutions

Secure banking processes with affordable SMS solutions Body: Communicate directly with clients and verify customer data with a business text message gateway. Generate one-time passwords using our OTP SMS API and protect sensitive information. Compliant SMS messaging for online banking is simple, efficient and cost-effective.

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Bank Credit Card Text Message Example

Manage Finances with Secure Text Messaging

Optimise your online banking experience with SMS

Speak to an SMS specialist about how to increase customer satisfaction and cybersecurity with an enterprise text message platform.

Alert Customers of Banking Activity and Approval

Keep clients informed on banking processes with SMS alerts

Alert clients with SMS updates for mortgage applications and loan approval text messages. Notify customers of any developments with their loan status and keep them in the loop.

Loan Approval SMS Template
Protect Customer Information and Sensitive Data

Utilise the power of SMS to protect sensitive customer banking information

Google research found that two-factor authentication via SMS one-time passwords blocked 100% of automated bots and 96% of bulk phishing attacks. Solidify your bank as a security-focused business with customer data protection front of mind.

One Time Password Text Message Template
Efficient SMS Solutions for Banking

Simple and secure SMS solutions for legacy banking software

Optimise bank operations and streamline communications with enterprise SMS solutions. Build bespoke SMS capabilities and integrate text messaging features into your existing software. Take advantage of SMSGlobal’s high throughput and premium messaging routes.

Bank SMS Solutions
Banking SMS Templates and Examples

Business SMS templates for banking and financial services

Take the hard work out of business communications with our text message templates. Streamline banking processes with access to a variety of banking SMS examples, ready to use right away.

Texting survey for feedback

Hi {*Name*}, you recently used {*Service*} with {*Company*}. Please let us know how we did. You just need to login and fill out our online survey.

SMS mortgage notification

Hi {*Name*}, we have an update about your mortgage application. Please call me on {*Number*}
- {*Manager*}, {*Company*}

Payment reminder text message sample

Hi {*Name*}, your {*Title*} account will be direct debited ${*Amount*} in the first week of {*Month*}. Please ensure you have sufficient funds available.

Transaction SMS for deposits

There was a deposit made into your {*Title*} bank account from a new third party. Login securely to view your latest bank transactions.

Bank SMS message fraud alert

Hi {*Name*}, we have detected some unusual behaviour with your card ending in {*Card no.*}. Please login and verify your details. If you fail to do so, we will lock your card and pause transactions.

Loan approval SMS

Hi {*Name*}, this is a friendly alert to let you know that your personal loan has been approved. If you have any questions, please call {*Manager*} on {*Number*}.

Payment reminder SMS

You have regular direct debit deposits scheduled to occur this week. Check your balance online to ensure you have sufficient funds.

Text message for new bank statement

You have a new bank statement available. Login securely online to view.

Personal loan SMS update

Hi {*Name*}, we have updated the status of your personal loan application. Login securely to view online or call your account manager.

Finance SMS OTP notification

Never tell anyone your unique passcode. To register your new phone for the {*Company*} banking app, use the code {*CODE*}.

Card alert text message

There was a new transaction made on your card ending in {*Card no.*}. Please login securely online to view your account activity.

Bank balance SMS

This is a friendly reminder to check your bank balance and assess your monthly budget. Login to update your bank notification settings.

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