Developer-friendly SMS API and SDK Client Libraries to send and receive bulk SMS

Robust SMS APIs for high productivity and output

Simply add full SMS functionality to existing software with SDK client libraries. No matter what language you use, our versatile API documentation has got you covered.

Benefits of SMS APIs

Build the perfect SMS solution for your business

Whether you build it yourself or request a tailor-made SMSGlobal solution, you can rest assured that we have the text messaging functionality you need.


Build SMS solutions with SDK Client Libraries.

API Reference

Use our API Reference for unique solutions tailored to your system.


Install SMS on your software with simple plugins and integrations.

SMS API for your Software

Test our APIs for free with 24/7 support

View documentation, generate API keys and access robust reporting dashboards with an SMSGlobal MXT account. Sign up and receive free testing credits and full access to our API library.
Send SMS Via API

SMS API documentation for cloud-based communications

Introduce SMS to your tech stack with all the possibilities of API solutions. Our documentation provides smooth development and integration of SMS into existing software.

SaaS & Digital Platforms

Set up SMS automation to send messages directly when an action is triggered, making operations as simple and easy as possible.

OTP Technology & Cybersecurity

Level up your online security with SMS one-time passwords and fraud alerts supported by our premium SMS routes.

Pay per password Online Banking & FinTech

Keep clients up-to-date with payment reminders, new transactions, account updates and high throughput messaging.

Wide variety of languages
Reliable Australia-based servers
Sandbox Service Made to meet functionality requirements
Software Developer Kits
Simple setup Assisted API setup
Developer documentation Detailed documentation
Wholesale SMS pricing Competitive Pricing
24/7 support 24/7 Local Support

High-quality documentation to build your own SMS solution

Access our library of SDKs and API documentation. Request bespoke SMS integrations and get exactly what you need out of our solutions.

Simulate and Test APIs

Develop and test SMS APIs seamlessly

Build up your tech stack with robust SMS solutions that meet all of your requirements. Our REST API Simulator allows you to test functionality from the very beginning in an easy and straightforward way.

SDKs for your Business

Get involved with SMSGlobal tech experts wherever you talk APIs

Our Software Developer Kits equip you with the tools to integrate with SMSGlobal’s industry-leading SMS APIs. Interact with us on SMSGlobal Github and speak directly with our developers.

SMSGlobal's latest SDKs for:

Servers & Data Centres in Australia

Australian-based data centre and servers with local support

With complete access and fluency to premium routing, our service has 99.99% up-time. If you need an extra helping hand, our tech experts are available to assist you wherever you are in the world, any time.

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Why Choose SMSGlobal?

SMSGlobal is a trusted industry leader in mobile communication

"The effort required to contact our members. The team at SMSGlobal took the time to learn our business and help provide us with custom solutions to meet our specific requirements. We use SMS in multiple areas of our business and it has proven to be an extremely effective medium for us."

Ben Kerswill - MSS Platform Development Manager - AFL

"SMSGlobal's messaging solution has complemented Mystrata's management and accounting software. With easy integration and ongoing support SMSGlobal has helped Mystrata's clients stay informed and up to date across multiple continents."

Leslie Leahy - Director Sales and Support - Urbanise

Resources & Information Centre

Relevant blog posts, resources and information for all things SMS API

Learn how best to optimise SMS with API integrations and plugins. Scale up your software with robust documentation and SMS solutions.

SMSGlobal’s Latest Client SDK Releases

With over a decade in the messaging industry, SMSGlobal is your partner for efficient and reliable business communication. We pride ourselves in delivering innovative and scalable solutions for our customers.

APIs and Integrations and Plugins, oh my!

Do you want to enhance your tech capabilities with simple solutions? Are you looking for sophisticated yet straightforward integrations but don’t know where to begin?

The 2021 Guide to Bulk SMS Integrations

With over three billion people using smartphones globally, mass texting continues to cement itself as an essential sales tool, marketing channel, and support platform for many businesses.

SMS Update: OTP API and recurring SMS for connection in 2021

Boost business security with the REST API to empower OTP SMS as part of 2FA and new MXT features including recurring SMS.