Zoho SMS Integration

Enhance Zoho CRM with custom SMS and text message automation

SMS Integration for Zoho CRM

Simple SMS solution for powerful business communications

Revolutionise the way you connect with your customer database using the simplicity of SMS via Zoho.

Zoho SMS Integrations Features

Power up your Zoho CRM with SMS functionality

Optimise your strategy with streamlined communication in one place. Integrate our simple SMS solutions for direct communication and connect with your Zoho CRM database.

Add SMS to your marketing tool belt and reach your audience directly with our Zoho integration. Send individual and bulk SMS, push welcome messages, set up custom templates, and track text messages.

Welcome notifications

Push welcome messages when new accounts, contacts and leads are created.

Craft nuanced messages

Send personalised text messages to individuals and contact groups.

Custom Sender ID

Send with a custom word, dedicated virtual number or SMSGlobal shared numbers.

Preconfigured templates

Curate an engaging and unique text message template and then set and forget.

Strengthen your Communication Strategy

Instant customer connection is at your fingertips

SMSGlobal Optimises Zoho CRM Capabilities

Boost your CRM communication processes with SMS functionality

Send SMS easily with Zoho integration. Pushing SMS messages for customer communication is a breeze to set up and activate. Our SMS integration for Zoho allows you to keep all of your customer communications together in one spot.

  • Check Compatible with Zoho Professional and Enterprise accounts
  • Check Reach leads, contacts and accounts wherever they are
  • Check Trigger timely and direct communication with individual and bulk SMS
  • Check Set up your preferred Sender ID as your brand name
Track SMS and Report with MXT

Access SMS interaction history with a few clicks

SMS for Zoho makes messaging your customers easy. Track all your SMS interactions with our SMS log on Zoho. For in-depth reporting and data analytics, MXT has got you covered. View message delivery status, manage your account requirements and report on SMS.

  • Check View SMS delivery status
  • Check Track SMS activity with history log
  • Check Full access to robust MXT reporting and analytics
  • Check Measure effectiveness to optimise communication efforts
Integrate SMS Simply and Securely

Robust security and ease-of-use with SMSGlobal plugins

SMSGlobal is a trusted leader when it comes to business SMS, with a global reputation for innovative, frictionless installations. Add SMS to your Zoho CRM platform for simple communications that pack a punch!

Why would you trust your business to anyone else?
  • Check Developer-friendly documentation and SDKs
  • Check Thorough API Reference for unique solutions
  • Check Compatible with an abundance of legacy systems
  • Check Australia-based servers and data centre
SMS Use Cases for Zoho CRM

A trusted leader in business SMS across all industries

Utilise our enterprise messaging services and robust CRM integrations. No matter what kind of business you have, our SMS solutions are flexible to meet your communication requirements.

Improve customer engagement

Fully compatible with your existing Zoho CRM platform, connect and engage with customers in a personalised way, unique to fit your customers.

Boost brand awareness

Keep your business top of mind with a branded Sender ID or dedicated number for SMS messages sent directly to your customer’s phone.

Timely welcome message

Send an SMS alert before a customer contacts you. Trigger a welcome SMS whenever a new lead, contact or account is created.

Book a Demo with an SMS Specialist

Power up your CRM with our SMS integration

Book a live demo today for online consultation and learn how to best utilise our Zoho CRM SMS integration in everyday operations.

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24/7 support 24/7 customer care

No matter where you are in the world, our global team is available to assist you with your query. Our dedicated Customer Success team is here for you anytime you need a helping hand.

Wholesale SMS pricing Competitive SMS pricing

The Zoho CRM SMS plugin is free and available with all existing SMSGlobal MXT accounts. Only pay for the SMS you send. With cost-effective and customer-centric pricing, it’s a win-win for everyone.

Free signup credits

When you sign up with MXT, not only do you receive full access to SMSGlobal’s industry-leading platform and data reporting. You also receive free SMS credits to test out our SMS service.