Send & Receive Rich Content MMS easily via API


This document provides a reference for all features available to you via the MM7 interface for sending MMS messages. The MM7-API allows you to integrate your Application (Client) to SMSGlobal (Vendor) allowing you to send MMS messages via the MM7 protocol.

The MM7 protocol is based on the concept of Web Services and uses SOAP and HTTP for communication. The multimedia messages are sent to the MMS.

Relay/Server with HTTP POST method. The body of the post contains XML data about the delivery and the MMS message as a MIME-multipart attachment.

Server Details Scroll to Top ▲

SYSTEM ID[ Username ]
PASSWORD[ Password ]

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HTTP Request Scroll to Top ▲

usernameYour SMSGlobal usernameMandatory
passwordYour SMSGlobal usernameMandatory
fromMSIDSN that the message will appear from. Use this only if you have a dedicated number with SMS Global.Optional
numberMSIDSN of the recipient that the message will be sent to. Eg: 61409317436 (Do not use + before the country code)Mandatory
subjectSubject of messageOptional
messageMessage to be sent. Must be URL encoded.Optional
max_dimensionMaximum resolution of attached pictures. Defaults to 1024 pixels.Optional
message_at_startDefines whether text portion of message is at the start or end. Values: 1/0. Defaults to start (1).Optional
attachmentxAttachment, where X is the attachment number 0 <= X < 15 (base64 encoded)Mandatory for each attachment
typexAttachment type, where X is the attachment number eg. image/jpegMandatory for each attachment
namexAttachment name, where X is the attachment number eg. image1.jpgMandatory for each attachment

Note: MMS messaging isn’t bound by the same size limitation as SMS. MMS messages are limited to 300kb in total, therefore depending on the size of any attachments in your message, the amount of text you will be able to send will be reduced.

HTTP Response Scroll to Top ▲

SUCCESSSuccess. ID = {Message_id}; (message_id is a unique 16-digit integer identifying the message.)
FAILUREYour SMSGlobal username

Supported File Formats Scroll to Top ▲

File below a file format compatibility table.

File TypeMedia TypeCompatibility / Support
JPEG, JPG(image/jpeg)Good support
GIF: GIF87a, GI89a, animated GIF89aGIF89a (image/gif)This is B&W image format from the old days of WAP
BMP (Windows Bitmap)(image/bmp)Dependent on handset support
MP3(audio/mpeg)Partial support; some handsets may limit the use of the file due to DRM concerns by the manufacturer
MID, MIDI(audio/mid or audio/midi)Good support
WAV(audio/wav)Good support
AMR(audio/amr)Partial support, GSM handsets only
IMY, eMY(audio/imelody)Partial support
Evc-Not currently supported
AAC-Not currently supported
MPeG, MPG, MP4(video/mpeg4)Support may vary by handset
3GP(video/3gpp)Good support
TXT, TeXT, US-ASCIIUTF-8, US-ASCII (not UTF-16) (text/plain)Good support
X-IMeLODY(text/x-imelody)Partial to good
X-eMeLODY(text/x-emelody)Partial to good

Note: In order to maximise the chances of delivery success, SMSGlobal attempts to transcode files to a suitable format supported by the end device.

Error Codes Scroll to Top ▲

Status CodeStatus TextDescription
0Connection errorIndicates a connection error with the MMS Relay/Server
1000SuccessIndicates the request completed successfully
1100Partial successIndicates only some parts of the request were completed successfully. (e.g. some for a multi-recipient message some destinations could not be resolved). Please note, multiple recipients are not currently supported.
2000Client errorMM7 Client made an invalid request.
2001Operation restrictedYour Account does not have permission to use this feature.
2002Address ErrorThe formatting of one or more of the addresses was not valid (should be MSISDN or email address).
2003Address Not FoundThe address supplied in the request could not be located by Access Manager. This code is returned when an operation is requested on a previously submitted message and Access Manager cannot find the message for the address specified.
2004MultimediaThe server could not parse the MIME content that was attached to the SOAP message and indicated by the Content element or the content size or media type was unacceptable. Additionally it may be a content type not allowed by Access Manager
2005Message ID Not foundReturned when an operation is requested on a previously submitted message which cannot be found.
2006LinkedID not foundThis code is returned when a LinkedID was supplied and Access Manager could not find the related message.
2007Message format corruptAn element value format is inappropriate or incorrect.
2008Application ID not foundYour MM7 credentials are not valid.
2009Reply Application ID not foundThis code is returned when a Reply Application ID was supplied and Access Manager could not find the originating application.
3000Server ErrorAccess Manager failed to fulfill an apparently valid request.
3001Not PossibleThe request could not be carried out because it is not possible. This code is normally used as a result of a cancel or status query on a message that is no longer available for cancel or status query. Access Manager has recognized the message in question, but it cannot fulfill the request because the message is already complete or status is no longer available.
3002Message RejectedServer could not complete the service requested.
3003Multiple addresses not supportedAccess Manager does not support this operation on multiple recipients. The operation MAY be resubmitted as multiple single recipient operations.
3004Application Addressing not supportedRecipient MMS User Agent does not support the transport of application data.
4000General service errorThe requested service cannot be fulfilled.
4001Improper identificationIdentification header of the request does not uniquely identify the client (either the VASP or MMS Relay/Server).
4002Unsupported versionThe version indicated by the MM7 Version element is not supported.
4003Unsupported versionThe server does not support the request indicated by the MessageType element in the header of the message.
4004Validation errorThe SOAP and XML structures could not be parsed,mandatory fields are missing, or the message-format is not compatible to the format specified. Details field may specify the parsing error that caused this status.
4005Service errorThe operation caused a failure within Access Manager and should not be resent.
4006Service unavailableThis indication may be sent by the server when service is temporarily unavailable, e.g. when server is busy
4007Service deniedThe client does not have permission or funds to perform the requested operation.
4008Application deniedThe application does not have permission or funds to perform the requested operation.

Incoming MMS Scroll to Top ▲

If you would like notification of your Incoming MMS to be pushed to your server, please contact SMSGlobal support at and we’ll update your MMS messaging preferences.

In order for our system to know that your URL has received the delivery notice, at the end of your script you must echo out “OK”.

Please find below the list of parameters that are sent.

fromMobilie Originated Number (MMS Sender)
subjectSubject sent in MMS Message
messageText portion of the MMS Message
idInternal ID, used for tracking
attachmentxAttachment, where X is the attachment number.
content_typexContent type of attachment, where X is attachment number. Example, image/jpeg
content_namexContent name of attachment, where X is attachment number. Example, image1.jpg

When the message has been received and accepted by your server it is required that you echo the statement ‘OK’ to stop further pushes by SMSGlobal.

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