Getting Started

From contact uploads to API challenges, we've got the answers to all of your SMS enquiries. Explore the frequently asked questions about our platform and integrations below. For more in-depth tutorials and guides, view our SMSGlobal knowledgebase.

  • Sign up for a free trial account with SMSGlobal

    Sign up for a free trial account with SMSGlobal - no obligation and no cost. You simply pay what you want, when you want. Our API Integrations, Email to SMS and Web SMS products are free to use, you simply pay for your credits as you go. Get Started Today

  • I didn't get an SMS verification code – what should I do?

    When you sign-up for an MXT account, we will send you an SMS verification code that you will need to enter when you first log-in to your account. If you haven’t received an SMS verification code, please see the steps below to resolve this issue.

    1. Check that you mobile phone is within reception range and switched on.

    The SMS verification code will be sent to the mobile phone number that you provide on sign-up, please try turning it on and off and ensure that it has reception and is switched on.

    2. Ensure that your mobile number in its correct international format.

    Our SMS Gateway will try to deliver your SMS verification code to the mobile number that you provide on sign-up, if your mobile number is formatted incorrectly, we will not be able to deliver the SMS to your handset.

    Please refer to Country Prefix and Dialing codes or formatting mobile numbers to resolve this issue in our getting started section.

    3. Ensure that you have entered your mobile number correctly.

    Is it possible that you entered an incorrect digit? If this may be the case please contact our support team with the correct mobile number and the username/email you provided on sign-up.

    4. Carrier delay – Please wait 15 minutes

    On a very rare occasion, carriers might be experiencing and upstream issue outside of SMSGlobals control, leading to minor SMS delays. Please try waiting for 15 minutes, turn your mobile off and check to see if the SMS verification code has reached your handset.

    5. Is your country destination supported by SMSGlobal?

    It could be a possibility that your country destination is not on the SMSGlobal coverage list or fully supported. If you think this may be the case, please contact our support team to investigate this further.

    6. Contact the SMSGlobal Support Team

    If your issue is still not resolved and you are yet to receive your SMS verification code, our friendly support team will be happy to resolve this for you as quickly as possible. When contacting our support team, please provide details such as:- Account username (email used to sign-up).- The correct mobile number you wish to have associated with your account and,- The country that you’re trying to sign-up from.

  • Why can't I login to my account?

    Here are some suggestions as to why you might be experiencing difficulty logging into your MXT account:

    - Ensure that you’re using the correct username and password, and that the caps lock is turned off.

    - Clear your browser history and cache and try logging in again.

    - Try using a different internet browser.

    - If you have made too many password attempts, and you are receiving a notice stating too many failed attempts, please contact our support team to help troubleshoot this issue.

    Please note - If you haven’t used your account in over two years, your account may be suspended due to inactivity or inappropriate usage. If you wish to start sending again, you will need to contact our support team to get access to your account again.

    If submitting a ticket to our support team, please provide details such as:

    - The MXT username you're trying to log in with.

    - The issue you’re experiencing.

  • What format do my mobile numbers need to be in?

    To ensure successful delivery, your contacts mobile numbers must be written in the correct international format.

    To change mobile numbers from the domestic format to the correct international format, simply remove the first '0' or '+' of the mobile of the number and replace it with the relevant international code (e.g. 61 for Australia and 64 for New Zealand). Incorrect formatting may result in undelivered messages or a message being sent to an incorrect handset. Below are some country specific examples:

    - Country Code: 61
    - Number: 9 digits long, excluding the leading '0'.
    - Example domestic number: 0447973739
    - Example International number: 61447973739

    - Country Code: 91
    - Number: 10 digits long, excluding the leading '0'.
    - Example domestic number: 09000654321
    - Example International number: 919000654321

    - Country Code: 44
    - Number: 10 digits long, excluding the leading '0'.
    - Example domestic number: 07723654321
    - Example International number: 447723654321

    - Country Code: 1
    - Number: 10 digits long, excluding the leading '0' or '+'.
    - Example domestic number: 2126544321
    - Example International number: 12126544321

    - Country Code: 971
    - Number: 8 digits long, excluding the leading '0'.
    - Example domestic number: 047654321
    - Example International number: 97147654321

  • Does SMSGlobal support international messaging?

    Yes, SMSGlobal supports international messaging. When sending an SMS/MMS internationally you need to ensure that your contacts are in their correct international format and using the correct Country Prefix/dialing codes.

    For more information - please see what format do my mobile numbers need to be in or Country prefix and rates view our pricing page.


  • How do I test SMSGlobal’s Services?

    We offer developers a sandbox testing service to build and test their applications using our SMS messaging gateway. The system allows users to test integration in a closed-loop, and test the code and reporting functions as if they were sending campaigns in production.

    Please submit an enquiry to our integration specialists to help get an account set up.

  • Is it easy to integrate with SMSGlobal?

    Yes. Our powerful, flexible Integrations and robust messaging gateway has the capacity to integrate SMS into all facets of any business, such as: Applications, websites, intranets, CRM’s, ERP’s and other software's.

    Our team of mobile messaging specialists have years of experience integrating complex messaging requirements into existing corporate ecosystems.

    If you require an integration with our platform, please don't hesitate to contact our integration specialist who can assist further with your requests.

  • What plugins can SMSGlobal integrate with?

    SMSGlobal’s system can easily be integrated with a variety of software’s from a range of different industries. If you would like more information, please contact our support team with your requirements, and they’ll help you build something amazing.

  • Sub-Accounts & Custom Site branding / (white – labelling)

    All SMSGlobal users have free access to sub accounts. Sub accounts are SMSGlobal accounts that are subsidiary to a main, parent account. The owner of the main account is able to allocate budgets and permissions to sub accounts in order to control expenditure and operations.

    Custom Site Branding allows customers to rebrand MXT to suit their company’s brand. To set up site branding, please get in touch with a member of the SMSGlobal Team.

Accounts and Billing

  • What pricing plans & payment options are available?

    We offer various differing pricing plans, whereby the more you spend, the lower your SMS rate is. These pricing tiers are activated based on the amount of money added to the account in one transaction. SMSGlobal offers plans suitable for every business's SMS messaging needs based on usage and volume. All Tier plans offer the same features and benefits, but the more credit you purchase, the lower the rate per SMS.

    The below payment options are available, SMSGlobal is able to accept the following method of payments:

    - Secure online payment via your PayPal account.

    - VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

    - Direct Deposit (this may take up to 3-5 business days).

  • How does an SMSGlobal free trial work?

    When you sign up for an account with SMSGlobal you will not incur any hidden costs or unwanted contracts – you simply pay what you want, when you want. Our API Integrations, Email to SMS and Web SMS products are free to use, you just pay for your credits as you go. SMSGlobal gives you the power to choose your own payment plan: post-paid or pre-paid, it’s all up to you.

    Set up an account and have a free trial with no commitment, obligation or hidden costs and lots of flexibility.

  • What currency options are available?

    When opening an account, the currency will be set to the country in which you have signed up by default. E.g. if signing up in America, your currency will default to USD. If you require a different currency, our Support team will be happy to assist you to update your account to suit your requirements.

    We currently offer the following currencies:

    AUDAustralian Dollar
    NZDNew Zealand Dollar
    GBPPound Sterling
    USDUS Dollar
    CHFSwiss Franc
    DKKDanish Krone
    HKDHong Kong Dollar
    NOKNorwegian Krone
    SARSaudi Riyal
    SEKSwedish Krona
    SGDSingapore Dollar
    AEDUAE Dirham
    EGPEgyptian Pound
    LBPLebanese Pound
    QARQatari Rial
    BHDBahraini Dinar
    OMROmani Rial
  • What are the minimum purchase requirements?

    The minimum purchase requirements are as follows:

    CurrenciesCurrencyMinimum spend rounded
    AUDAustralian Dollar5
    NZDNew Zealand Dollar5
    GBPPound Sterling5
    USDUS Dollar5
    CHFSwiss Franc5
    DKKDanish Krone30
    HKDHong Kong Dollar30
    NOKNorwegian Krone30
    SARSaudi Riyal20
    SEKSwedish Krona30
    SGDSingapore Dollar5
    AEDUAE Dirham20
    EGPEgyptian Pound50
    LBPLebanese Pound6000
    QARQatari Rial20
    BHDBahraini Dinar5
    OMROmani Rial5
  • Will my credits expire after a certain period?

    SMS credits will expire exactly after one year of purchase.