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SMSGlobal: The Beginning

SMSGlobal has been providing businesses with innovative communication solutions for over 17 years. From humble beginnings in a South Melbourne garage, SMSGlobal has grown into an industry leader, servicing clients all over the world.

Our mission is to provide businesses with versatile and scalable communication solutions that make it easier to connect with customers and colleagues. Our vision is to be the global provider of choice for business communication solutions.

With a team of dedicated experts, we are committed to helping businesses achieve their goals through efficient and effective communication.
Data Centre & Servers Based in Australia

Australian company with a global mindset

Choose Australia-based SMSGlobal for your business – and rest easy knowing that our award-winning customer support is there 24/7, every step of the way.

Our ground-breaking data centre was built from scratch by leading engineers specifically to meet global regulations such as GDPR - so you can trust us with all your mission critical information; safe in the knowledge it's stored right here on home soil.

The Story

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SMSGlobal started in Melbourne, Australia and had an ambitious dream of reaching a global market. This vision was made into reality when their first international office opened up in the bustling business hub of Dubai in 2009 - strategically positioned between East & West for optimised access to customers across Europe and UK.


In 2010, SMSGlobal received industry-wide recognition for its excellence when it was awarded 'Mobile Company of the Year' at Australia's Mobile Industry Awards.

This success opened many doors as prominent organisations worldwide were eager to partner with SMGobal and leverage their exceptional mobile capabilities.


In 2012, SMSGlobal revolutionized communication processes with the introduction of its API suite. By giving customers access to core SMGobal capabilities through an application interface, business connections were smoother than ever!


In 2013, SMSGlobal launched a new website and the renowned MXT platform - showcasing its ambition to become an Enterprise leader.

CEO Carl also received recognition for his success in mobile communications with a nomination for Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year Awards; proudly reflecting on all that had been achieved at this stage in such a short period of time!


With ambitious plans to increase its international presence, SMSGlobal opened the doors of a new office in Zagreb, Croatia, in 2016. Filled with tech-savvy professionals from around the world and committed to delivering cutting-edge product updates for our global clients, this location has enabled an array of innovative advances such as MXT platform modifications along with API functional upgrades that are now accessible worldwide.


We're now a presence in the USA, with our newest office opening up shop in NYC! We've had a great response from Enterprise and SME businesses interested in taking advantage of SMSGlobal's services.

Our expansion has made it easier than ever for American companies to access top-notch solutions around messaging communications - so come join us on this journey across the pond!


2018 was a year of growth and development for the company, who sought to build on an established presence in North America. Aiming always towards improvement, they implemented backup systems across their global infrastructure to guarantee maximum uptime - ensuring that no matter where customers were located or what time it is, they could rely upon superior service.


As the digital age continues to evolve, SMSGlobal is determined not just to keep pace but also stay ahead. By investing in forward-thinking automation technology, they're increasingly connecting people around the world – making sure you don’t miss a beat!


The start of 2020 brought us a vast curveball; the COVID-19 pandemic. Here at SMSGlobal, we stay connected with our customers across the globe through digital solutions during this complex and uncertain time. We didn't let anything stand in our way to provide only top-quality service worldwide!

Start sending from one of the most advanced web SMS platforms available.

Our Vision

Customer satisfaction Customer First

We are committed to providing the highest quality customer experience at all times. We want every interaction to add value to our customer's business.

Happy workplace Love Your Work

Our environment nurtures talent and ensures that our people share in our success.

Innovative tech Technological Excellence

We strive to be leaders in innovation and technology, developing with a purpose to inspire and provide un-yielding stability and security.

Results oriented Results driven

Our results oriented culture encourages accountability and drives excellence across every facet of what we do.

Personal development Create & Grow

We believe that investment in innovative research and development is the key to our growth, domestically and internationally.

Built for Scalability Built for Scalability

We pride ourselves on our capacity to work with some of the most prominent global brands. Our ability to work to scale enables us to facilitate the dissemination of significant volumes.

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"The effort required to contact our members. The team at SMSGlobal took the time to learn our business and help provide us with custom solutions to meet our specific requirements. We use SMS in multiple areas of our business and it has proven to be an extremely effective medium for us."

Ben Kerswill - MSS Platform Development Manager - AFL