Live below the line

Living on $2 a day

Could you survive on only $2 a day?

That’s the challenge faced by thousands of Australian’s and millions of individuals, globally, each and every year. Poverty is a silent killer, according to the United Nations, poverty-related issues claim the lives of one individual every four seconds, a truly terrifying statistic.

But the consequences of poverty are far greater and longer-lasting that you may think at first. Poverty is not solely about a lack of food or shelter; poverty affects opportunities, access to education, hygiene and more.

While poverty can’t be solved with the simple click of a button, there are some very hard working and dedicated individuals making a difference to the lives of millions.

The Live Below The Line Campaign

For the third year, SMSGlobal will be aiding the Live Below The Line campaign, aimed at helping thousands of Australians take action against poverty.

An initiative driven by Oaktree - one of Australia’s largest youth-run organisations - the Live Below The Line campaign is just one of many created and run by the Oaktree team, who partner with organisations across the Asia-Pacific region to fund programs designed to help individuals break out of the poverty cycle.

The campaigns are designed to generate awareness in Australia about the nature and effects of global poverty. Since 2010, over 40,000 Australians have taken the Live Below The Line challenge and raised over $9 million for Oaktree’s work.

How Does The Challenge Work

The campaign is design to give participants a small taste of what life is like living below the poverty line while helping to raise much-needed funds for those in desperate need.

From 2-6 May, thousands of participants will make their meals count by feeding themselves on only $2 a day for five days.

That’s the Australian equivalent of the extreme poverty line.

The concept behind that campaign is that the money saved by each participant - of what they would expect to usually spend on food during that day – would be donated to those in need, as a contribution to assist in the fight against poverty.

How Can You Make A Difference?

If you would like to be a part of the solution, and help in the fight against poverty, we encourage you to follow the link below and support those in desperate need. Remember every dollar is making a difference.

Small Change Challenge