Giving you access to all of our comprehensive API Documentation, consultation and assistance with integration and 24×7 tech-to-tech support means integrating SMS into your core systems and applications is easier than you might think.



Security via SSL is available without any additional cost and is highly recommended to use. We can also provision a secure Cisco IPSEC VPN connection which utilises our advanced network technology (Cisco ASA Series firewalls) to allow an additional level of security for clients to connect to our gateway.



Getting Started in MXT

Configuring your account to integrate with our range of APIs is made simple in the MXT web platform. All you need to do is register your account, ensure it has funds available and use the settings page to configure your API access. Check out our tutorial video to see how easy it is.


Our Gateway

We provide our customers with sophisticated messaging systems designed to be scalable, fast and highly available to meet ever – changing conditions and stringent SLAs.

SMSGlobal has a shared-nothing geographically dispersed architecture with no single point of failure. Our gateway is backed by 99.99% service availability SLA’s, allowing you to meet your most demanding mission-critical messaging requirements.

Its real time design delivers consistent millisecond response latency with the ability to service tens of thousands of transactions per second. Multiple load balancing, coupled with the ability to add nodes to a running cluster with zero downtime enables almost unlimited scalability to handle your most unpredictable workloads.

Technical Solutions SMSGlobal



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