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SMSGlobal's team specialise in the integration of complex messaging systems into existing corporate applications.
The development team will consult with you to understand your needs and develop a tailored solution using a secure web interface or your existing systems.  You have the peace of mind that your SMS communications will be up and running quickly and effortlessly, providing continuous and consistent SMS delivery.

Information security

Use SMS to protect you and your customers sensitive data. SMS gives your security team the ability to confidently extend secure corporate or personal information over-the-air using SMS tokens and real-time password authentication. Your customers and staff's needs for mobile information is continuing to grow, integrating SMS authentication into your corporate security suite for remote and mobile data transfer is a simple and reliable method for meeting that need without compromising your company's information security. All data sent to the phone is encrypted by the SMSGlobal gateway using 3DES to prevent inter-transmission compromise whilst the data itself can be given a one-time use, or time limit (example is key tokens for internet banking).

Business Process Automation

One of the key benefits to come from the mass acceptance of SMS as a business tool has been the ability to automate manual and laborious process in your company work flow by implementing SMS based communication.
Integrating SMS into your business can reduce the man hours and traditional communication expenditure associated with almost any application or business process.
Being able to keep your customers informed in real time with relevant data from your corporate systems without human intervention enables the cost and time associated with executing key process tasks to be dramatically reduced whilst maintaining a positive customer experience with your business.

Contact Centre Integration

Improve your contact centre's efficiency and profitability by implementing SMS based solutions, including integrated SMS campaigns, automated SMS response and reducing the need for basic outbound calls with simple short form SMS.
Integrating SMS into a call centre environment can increase agent productivity leading to lower call load and increased operational efficiency. These benefits are realised by providing instantaneous correspondence to the customer whilst improving customer service quality.
SMSGlobal is experienced in implementing SMS based solutions to many contact centre environments and can assist you and your technical team to ensure a seamless integration.

Customer Relationship Management & Campaign Management (CRM & CMS)

CRM systems are an essential tool for ensuring your customer has the best experience with your business. Whether you are managing the ongoing relationship with an existing customer or prospecting for new business, integrating an SMS component to your CRM can open up endless avenues for improving your customers experience.
Some of the ways you can use SMS once integrated into a CRM are to, automate follow ups, generate marketing campaigns and manage new sales opportunities. Give your sales team the power of SMS in their existing CRM enabling simple, immediate communication at the touch of a button.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Being able to integrate SMS into your companies ERP means that you can maximise the efficiency of your existing computing platform. From supply chain automation and real time information updates to resource management and roster confirmations, SMS can have multiple applications within an ERP deployment. Integrating SMS into an ERP can be both a challenging and complex process; our team is experienced and available to assist with this task.

Technology Integration